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, but they are compelling. they tell us some information about voter attitudes towards president obama one year after he was elected. primarily these races are about regional or statewide issues, but they do contain killed -- they do contain clues as to whether or not the voters are dissatisfied with the direction of the white house. bill: a hotly contested race in upstate new york, lots of news over the weekend after the republican drop out and supported the democrat. the conservative candidate seems to be taking a lead by a few points as he goes in to vote. joe biden was in that district yesterday. barack obama has been in new jersey three times. they know that there is something on the line. >> you are right, even if you stick to the demonstrably true facts. as you just pointed out, president obama himself has gone to new jersey. just this last weekend view of their several times. any administration tries to downplay this as local politics. any administration that sees victories, they try to spin it as a great national trend. the truth is that it is probably somewhere between the two. this is primari
the negativity is over. bill: thank you, shannon bream. martha: the gop taking two states that president obama won in 2008. possible bellwether for the upcoming 2010 midterm? how do both parties look at things this morning? let's bring in a our editor of news, bill sammon. we just showed the number of independent voters in new jersey, and that is the headline. no one wins an election without them. is that the take away from last night? people running one year from now, do they need to be focusing on that as well? >> i think so. you saw a swing of the independent voters in both states. this is a sign of trouble for the democratic party as they look to the midterm elections. of course, history shows a first term president, his party loses a lot of seats in the first year's midterm. that has happened in virtually every single case. i think we can expect the historical trend to return next year if last night is any indication. martha: what did you think of the fact that the word from the white house was that he was "not wanting?" >> we found it hard to believe. the family went to see a concert and
to ask you as well, an israeli minister has made the headlines today by calling the obama administration "awful." what is that about? >> you can see here in the most popular she brewed daily -- basically, the obama administration is horrible. she is a cultural administration secretary here. he says there is a lot of pressure being put on the prime minister over the settlement freeze and she does not then be the position he is being put in. the prime minister's office was very quick, i will tell you, do distance themselves from these comments. jamie: there is a lot going on in the region. we will be talking to an ambassador about the situation in iran as well. thank you. kelly: new developments in the international community's response to iran's nuclear ambitions. the iaea voting to sensor iran moving forward on its nuclear programs. the iaea supported the resolution, backed by the u.s., russia, china, britain, and other nations. the iaea's decision essentially marks the first action it has taken against iran in nearly four years. israel's ambassador to the u.n. will be with us. daniel am
. çthat is more bad news for americans still trying to find work. it is also a blow to the obama administration whose original assurance that the stimulus package would stem unemployment to 8%. today's number does not count those who have settled for part- time work or some who have given up working -- looking for a job. coming up, republican and democrat reaction. and congress will reportedly take a big step over the weekend that could lead to the single biggest expansion of government control over lives in america, for four decades. we hear the house will vote on sunday on their version of the health care bill. the outcome of this could literally touched the lives of everyone of us, and it is also representing 1/6 of the economy, which brings special bearing, given the state of the economy. these folks were not too happy about these developments. they were protesting yesterday against the democrats' health care plan. they have serious concerns about the bill, including taxpayer- funded abortions and coverage for illegal aliens. we are going to hear from one of the groups who ar
captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> president obama announces his troops strategy on tuesday night. good morning, kelly wright. and jamie: happy thanksgiving, everyone. and the long-awaited decision is coming after months, after the top commander in afghanistan asked for additional troops to help battle insurgents and of cut debt. caroline shively has more on the expected decision and the possible fallout, too. >> i can tell you a little bit about the speech. the president of talk about numbers of troops, time lines, and benchmarks. senior officials tell us to expect about 30,000 more troops. some marines, some fighters, and some trainers. i believe we have a total of the president in july last year with the troops. also, do not expect a solid end date but rather more specific strategies. jamie: how specific do we expect the president to be? we are already telling al-qaeda and the insurgent that we are not going to be there in nine years, so house pacific will the actual strategy? >> he will leave that to the pentagon, most likely. he may talk about, in general, do we need a quick,
has president obama been doing there? kelly: basically he is trying to promote the man who is an incumbent, someone who could take on the challenge of running the garden state and the good works that he claims he has done. he is facing quite a threat from the republican challenger, chris christie. the governor yesterday basically stated that the president is his hero. the president said that this crisis that we are trying to get out of has been peddled by the republican party for years. the president said that this mess was created when he was sworn in. the race is in a dead heat. bill: put out that fire down the street. kelly: not coming here, fortunately. [laughter] bill: from new jersey to virginia, what is the investment by the white house on that side? >> a tough race for them. the democratic candidate is double digits behind the republican candidate, who has been winning the kinds of supporters that the president got during the election. independent voters, moderate republicans, bob mcconnell has been taking a strong message to them. as a result of that, deeds has bac
to the bravest.com ensign our letter to president obama to stop this. bill: thank you for your time. we will see you again in person, i am sure, as we get more details on what will happen with khalid sheikh mohammed and four others. stay strong, okay? juliet: it is hard to listen. whatever side you are on, you can still hear the pain and agony in her voice. çbill: put yourself in her sho. she laid it out for us about what she is feeling. juliet: we will be speaking to peter king, as well as a firefighter who was there. but to takeç a closer look at what khalid sheikh mohammed is accused of. he admitted he was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. he allegedly proposed the plot to the usama bin laden as early as 1996. he obtained funding, went on to train overseas hijackers in pakistan and afghanistan. he is also said to be involved in the killing of daniel pearl. he was captured in pakistan in 2003. bill: we expect a press conference from eric holder this morning. we do not have an official time, but as we wait on that, we also have calls out to rudy giuliani. the aclu may also join us. so
congressmen. he has stated publicly that he believes it is a clear act of terrorism. president obama and the first lady are expected to be among thousands in fort hood. we are awaiting the white house departure to texas. you will see live coverage this afternoon on the fox news channel of the president's trip. patti ann: now to the battle over health-care reform. democrats raising alarms over the cost of the bill moving through congress. the senate is under pressure now from the president to follow the house and pass overhaul legislation that could cost trillions. "the new york times" is reporting that moderate democrats are worried that the current proposal will not keep the president's promise to rein in health-care spending. stu varney joins us. 39 house democrats voted against the health care overhaul. "the new york times" is reporting that democratic senators are also getting squeamish. they're not convinced the bill will pay for itself. >> "the new york times" front page says some democrats are in trouble because they fear it will not deal with runaway health-care costs. the pr
on terror. dr. keith ablow has comments on this. he is up in a few minutes. alisyn: president obama is in beijing. latest hilt of his asian trip is meeting with chinese president hu jintao. the two sides reached an important agreement and president obama saying the relationship between the countries has never been more important. fox news mike emanuel is reporting live from the white house this morning. mike, let's talk about that u.s.-china relationship. how did the president frame it today? >> well, alisyn, very interesting. the president essentially said that the united states welcomes china playing a greater role on the international stage in terms the global economy. with that comes greater responsibilities. here is how essentially the president broke down the relationship between the u.s. and china. >> we meet here at a time when the relationship between the united states and china has never been more important to our collective future. >> never more important. so president hu said that the u.s. and china would work more closely on macroeconomic issues. financial policies and
perked up. meanwhile, president obama's ambitious agenda. is it taking a poll on his -- a toll on his pole numbers? the damage could be bigger than previously thought, so could these numbers add up to a one- term presidency? bill: and they are not supposed to be ferocious, but one man in texas banks to differ. his frightening brush with death. >> and i have never had one try to physically hurt me. >> this one was supposedly a pet. alisyn: here on "america's newsroom" we have talked about sharks and coyotes. but a savage llama -- this is a first. he was attacked by a llama that was over 300 pounds and eight feet tall. >> he just jump right up and bit you on the leg. >> do i feel blessed? i sure do. >> one week ago in this field a few miles from his home, they were attending to his goats. there was also another animal, a llama, and get around. >> his action may have caused the llama, named spanky, to snap. >> he had his front legs up and he hit me and knocked me down. after that, the lights kind of went out. >> i was on the opposite side of the fence. >> he grabbed a pipe, the first thi
to reduce deficit spending down the line. but that overall it is not anything like what president obama ask for and what he said he wanted to do. even then it is very murky. look at the government-run programs we have in place already. medicare, medicaid, they generally wind up costing a lot more money. bill: two more things to get to, if the white house does not get a bill before christmas, is that a big deal? >> a huge deal. as soon as christmas passes it is after new year. next year is an election year. democrats saw what happened in the last election. they have seen the town hall meetings. that would not want a risky vote that would upset the majority or races next november. bill: howard been alluded to that as well. during this stretch, what is the republicans' strategy? >> they have been very slow to come up with an alternative other around. they have allowed democrats to paint them as against reforming the health-care system. no one that i know is against reforming the health-care system, it is a mess. i think that what mitch mcconnell is going to do is talk about pulling together so
to this program. bill: in march of this year, president obama talked about the economy and the attention that needed to be paid to the deficit. >> let's do what we need to do to get through the difficult times, make some investments in health care, energy, education, that will lay the foundation for long-term economic growth. but let's also start making some tough choices about the deficit as soon as we get out of this recovery. bill: we are still climbing out of recovery. çsome would say that the jobs situation is about time, but can we sustain when you are talking about? the first >> side says we cannot afford it. we are -- >> the first side says we cannot afford it. we are being lectured by china. on the otxe  side, we cannot afford not to have a job creation projects. johnson is a core part of our economic problems. --job jobs is a core part of our economic problems. bill: he will be back in the next hour. we will be talking about some of the pressure is coming onto the white house. alisyn: to add insult to economic injury, the white house admitted we made and billions of improper
, you can't blame this on the obama administration. the data does not support routine screening in low risk women between 40 and 50. i want to correct one thing. the over 50 is one or two years and they were clear about that in the guidelines, based on your own risk level. alisyn: dr. vliet, were people somehow getting hurt by getting annual mammograms starting at 40, and if not, why the change? >> no, i do not think women were being hurt. in fact, we were picking up breast cancers in younger women. the preventive services task force was clear that while they said it was not about cost, they mentioned cost three times in the report. number one, and number two, they admitted that screening in younger women between 40 and 50 saved lives. for those of us treating patients, that's our concern, plus, we are seeing increasing breast cancers in younger women and we are being more aggressive. alisyn: so it saves lives in 40-something young women, why the change? >> well, the change is not based on new medical data. it was based on combining cost effective data in the computer modeling to reeva
this year the house passed their health care bill over the weekend. bill: the obama administration is bracing for another nail biter. mike emanuel is with us from the white house. there is no other way to describe it. where are we this morning? >> president obama is back from asia and his aides say that if he can be constructive in the process, he will do so. senator reid is pretty confident that he has the votes tomorrow. >> it saves a life, money, and medicare. you have heard how it will into each of these things, by guaranteeing affordable care, cutting the deficit, and in rebuilding the economy. >> tomorrow you can count on a lot of debate and then a preliminary vote to open up the debate. bill: so we are going to debate this for eight hours on saturday. right now, no republicans are supporting this? what are they saying right now? >> it is the thanksgiving season, so lamar alexander has called this one a turkey. >> your employer may write you a letter and say congratulations, you are in the government program. we are not offering insurance now. >> he predicts this will be bad
. barack obama promised that if we spent this massive stimulus plan, unemployment would not go above 8%. now it is at 10.2%. most frightening is the broader definition, underemployment. so many people with harvard mba's flipping burgers. we knew from the beginning that the stimulus would not work. i argued about this that monday morning with bob. this is simply a bailout for financially troubled blue states. it allowed liberal bureaucrats to spend money. never a good idea. it went to jobs that were temporary. this was not the way to create jobs. they are taking well from one part of the economy and transferring it to another. you can never expect progressive job growth when you do that. this money went to states doing pork-barrel projects. it went to pay down debt on programs like medicaid. juliet: bob, what do you say? supporters say that we are expecting too much, too soon. >> republicans are always so excited when these people are out of work. i never saw such glee in the republicans when we went over 10%. these are real people with real families that are really struggling. i know y
moore, thank you. we are 12 minutes away from president obama. juliet: the national employment picture is only one part of the economic picture. the other is the mess facing individual states. according to a report out today from the pew center, 10 states are in serious fiscal peril. the study rates a range of factors from budget caps to foreclosures to unemployment rates. the five states in the most trouble -- california, arizona, rhode island, mich., and oregon. folks are facing deep cuts in education and health care, with warnings that things could get worse next year when federal stimulus money runs out. bill: and the ripple effects from these 10 states are enormous. right across the country. we will talk to a harvard economist about that later today. in the meantime, tragedy in the capital as a maryland man dies after being hit by vehicles that were part of the vice president's motorcade. it wahappened early yesterday morning. the secret service says an armored limo been driven back to the garage in washington. the vice president was not in either vehicle. juliet: a disturbing new
fleshing out of the efficiencies in these companies? >> yes, but the pressure is on the obama administration to make the stimulus look like a success. that is tough when you have this damper on hiring. martha: thank you. bill: voters said it was all about the economy and jobs. we heard that in new jersey and virginia. in a moment, the cbo dropping a bombshell on the health care bill. they suggest it will cover 2.5 million illegals. if that is the case, we are going to take a closer look. martha: and you cannot see it, but there is tons of space junk flying over our heads. here is the thing, some of it could be on a collision course with the satellites that run your cell phones and all of your other devices. the military could be doing something about this before it becomes a problem. bill: another government housing lender is in trouble, this time the faa. billions of your tax dollars are on the hook. -- the fha @ntime to get the latt under control. [ female announcer ] trying to be smart with the family budget? whooa!!!! [ female announcer ] let bounty help. it's thick and ab
. the issue seems to be whether or not it will survive. bill: president obama was oust about it on abc news this week -- president obama was asked about it this week. >> this is a health care bill, not an abortion bill. we're not looking to change what is a core principle that has been in place for very long time. that is, federal dollars are not used to subsidize abortions. bill: does that answer your question, bishop? >> it appeals to the authority of the amendment. if the authority of the amendment truly governed in this situation, it would seem to me questionable as to why some repetition of the substance of that amendment, such as we have in this tupac amendment would not be appropriate. i do not see what the problem is in repeating something that governs in a particular situation. bill: the lot is already in place, so why mess with it? >> the law is in place, but it should be repeated in the course of this bill, just so we can be sure but no innocent people will be killed through abortion in this particular law. bill: is the language is not precisely as you describe it, do you support
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